Volunteers are always needed, and an extra hand is never wasted.  The experiences a volunteer can bring affects the school and pupils in meaningful and positive ways.  If you want come and help for 3 day, 3 weeks or 3 years you are always welcome!!

We offer a range of different volunteering opportunities from working in Bolera Palms School with children and adults, helping in an orphanage or local clinic. There is also a lot to do in Bolera Village. We offer a volunteer program that will open your eyes to new ideas and a different way of life. Through this unique opportunity you will meet lots of people and be immersed into a wonderful culture.

If you are a proactive and an enthusiastic individual, that is able to adapt in new and exciting situations, you are just the kind of person Bolera Palms needs.

For more information and to apply  for your volunteer position,  contact rita@bolerapalms.comVolunteer's Watching Bolera Village Celebration