Bolera Palms School

Rita Britz founded Bolera Palms School in 2007, although she had already been teaching many of the children since 2003. Rita felt she could make a meaningful contribution to the community and put her 21 years of experience to good use. She obtained land from the village chief to build a school and in January 2009 completed the first classroom ready for a Standard 1 intake of 30 children. The school now teaches Standard 1-6 and accommodates 180 children.

Bolera Palms School is based in a small fishing village called Bolera that is neighbouring Palm Beach Resort.

A high percentage of the local community suffer from HIV/Aids, Malaria and/or other water born diseases and many children are born with HIV/Aids or are orphaned due to the virus. With the nearest primary school 4 km away many are too young to travel the distance everyday and so just stay home.

The Bolera Palms School teaches children aged 5 – 13 year old from the Bolera Village many of which are orphaned, and therefore automatically receive sponsorship and enrolment into the school. The other students are expected to pay MK3000/ £5 school fees per term. This is a nominal payment, with which Rita wants to instil a sense of pride and respect for both the property and education that is received.

Bolera Palms Primary School provides a high level of education, using the Malawi curriculum and also extending the lessons with intercultural knowledge. The school encourages the use of resources that develop both fine and gross motor skills as well as creative and logical thinking.

Bolera Palms School Teaching Malawi

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