The Bolera Community

Bolera Village, Malawi

Bolera Village is amongst the poorest in the Mangochi area. Mongochi district is known to be amongst the most disadvantaged districts in Malawi. It is populated mainly by the Yao People, who came over from Mozambique to flee slavery in the 1800s.

The education levels are very low and the school dropout rate is very high, many leaving to help their families at home or in their fields. In the Bolera Village only two people have gone onto further education and 33 out of the 1792 residents have completed secondary schooling, at the moment 61% of the children 18 and under are attending school.

The unemployment rate is very high, which is typical for the region as the majority of households rely on subsistence farming or fishing to survive. In the village the unemployment is at 69%, however more concerning is the unemployment rate for those aged from 18-30 which is at 77%.

Malawi like so many other African counties suffer for very high HIV and AIDs levels, leaving many children orphaned due to the disease. Bolera Village is no exception, the topic is taboo, which means that testing is low and unregular and the use of contraception is under 5%. The infant mortality rate for under five years old is high and child and teenage pregnancies are becoming increasingly common.

Bolera Palms is working towards building and strengthening a healthier and an educated community. We have already established Bolera Palms Primary School and hope that through this many will have a brighter future.

Bolera Palms School Malawi Community Development



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