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Bolera Palms School Malawi

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Bolera Palms School aims to provide the highest level of education to improve the livelihoods of Malawi’s next generation.

We believe education is essential for impacting poverty,  empowering woman and protecting children.  It is a fundamental tool used to advocate for human rights and democracy,  protecting the environment and influencing responsible population growth.  It is vital in promoting awareness of health issues such as HIV/ Aids,  Malaria and malnutrition.

Bolera Palms is a not for profit organisation that is based in the Mangochi District on the Southern shores of Lake Malawi,   one of the poorest regions in Malawi.  The lack of education, micro-enterprise and inadequate health knowledge has affected the livelihoods of the local communities,  leaving many children orphaned.

Bolera Palms was established in 2011

Our mission is

To use education to mitigate poverty by developing the livelihoods of Malawi’s next generation,   as well as to tackle the many conservation issues that are being faced today with Malawi’s increasing populations and demands on natural resources.

Bolera Palms objectives are to

  • To further develop Bolera Palms Primary School to sustain education and enhance community co-operation and collaboration.
  • Working together with other schools and teachers to develop best teaching practises and resources.
  • To further educate on, conservation, bio-diversity, health and prevention of disease, and nutrition.
  • To encourage personal responsibility.

    Bolera Palms Malawi School Team